Designing Online Concussion Awareness Curriculum

In collaboration with the Concussion Education Committee at Parachute Canada, I worked to design content for e-learning courses for Teachers, Parents and Students in the spring of 2013.

This included the development of three courses:

  • Concussion Awareness for Teachers – This course was targeted for teachers leading physical activities as well as for classroom teachers working with students who have experienced concussions. It focused on how to recognize and support a student recovering from a concussion and the development of an appropriate and safe Return to Learn program.
  • Concussion Awareness for Parents – This course focused on the signs and symptoms of concussions as well as the steps in the Return to Play protocol.
  • Concussion Awareness for Students – This course included a high degree of interactivity as well as custom flash based games to engage learners in the content.

I was responsible for researching and developing content document for this course. Through the research and development phase I worked closely with the Concussion Education Committee, a team of leading medical professionals and specialists in the area of concussion treatment to obtain approval and agreement on the content document. Once content was approved, I developed storyboards and selected appropriate imagery from an image bank for custom flash development. The courses were designed to be SCORM compliant for an LMS system.


“Meaghan was a very creative and enthusiastic partner on the redevelopment of Parachute’s online educational offerings. It would have been nearly impossible to have produced such high quality, innovative offerings, on time and under budget without Meaghan’s doggedness, innovative ideas, and good humour.”

Phillip Groff, Vice President – Programs, Parachute Canada

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