E-learning Course – Child Injury Prevention

I worked with Parachute Canada to develop an e-learning course designed for individuals working with children and families on preventing child injury. These professionals work in family resource centres and child care centres across Canada.  The course was developed in both English and French.

I was responsible for the research, design, and storyboarding of this eight lesson course. I worked closely with the client to ensure alignment with the customer needs and wants as well as with the subject matter expert to ensure that the content was relevant and reflected the latest research in child injury prevention. I then applied an instructional design lens to all of the content and materials to ensure that the learning path, objectives, and plan would allow the learners to not only enjoy the course but to learn from the course materials.

This course was designed to have a higher degree of interactivity and includes a wide variety of media including videos, interactive activities including drag and drop, and sliding image panels, as well as off line activities. The course does not include a formal assessment however a number of scenario based assessment activities were included throughout the course to assist the learner in applying their knowledge.

This course is currently available online and can be taken at no cost.

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