E-Learning Course – Water Safety for First Responders

I developed Water Safety for First Responders, a scorm compliant e-learning course for the Ottawa Police Service.

Water Safety for First Responders is designed to provide first responders with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct a safe water rescue. In addition to reviewing the various types of rescue and safety equipment, this course provides information on how to assess a water-related emergency and determine an appropriate plan of action. It also specifically addresses cold water issues and considerations for missing person and suicide investigations.

In the development of this course, I worked with subject matter experts from the water rescue unit of the Ottawa Police Service, as well as experts with the LifeSaving Society to develop the content document. From the content document I developed storyboards for custom flash development and identified image requirements which were obtained through a photo shoot.

This course includes a variety of media elements including video clips, as well as interactive elements including a click and display activity that allowed learners to explore a variety of water rescue equipment and the purpose of each item, carousels, and drag and drop practice questions. The course concluded with an assessment which included scenario based assessment questions that allowed learners to apply their knowledge.

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