ELH#137 – Trivial Pursuit

I love adding interactivity and fun elements to e-learning courses. I firmly believe that e-learning needs and should be engaging and immersive and not monotonous. However, sometimes it is a challenge to find ways to present content, particularly policy and serious content in a more engaging way. It can seem that there is so much content to ensure the learner knows that the only way to get through the content is to present it on screen with a graphic. This is when it becomes time to step back, talk with your subject matter expert, and really get down to the learning objectives and outcomes. What do you want the learner to know and be able to do as a result of completing the training.

This weeks E-Learning Heroes Challenge encouraged us to remake a traditional board game. There were many great examples shared in the challenge by other designers. I settled on remaking Trivial Pursuit. I quickly realized that it required many different states, and lots of variables. It also highlighted for me the importance of thinking through the variables and the triggers ahead of time so that you can maximize reusability in developing assets for e-learning courses.

When I have time, I'd like to further develop this demo so that more rounds could be played. I also think that music might be a nice addition. If you have suggestions on how I could improve the game, please leave your comments below.

View the Interaction

Do you want to test the game? Try it out today.

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