ELH-172 E-Learning Noir – Setting Priorities

Typically one of the first things that I do when designing an Articulate Storyline course is to identify a few key images and from the images choose my colour pallete. For this week’s E-Learning Heroes Challenge, there were no colours to choose. This challenge focused on solely using black and white in the design.

I started with a google search to look for inspiration… but almost all of what I found when I typed in ‘black and white design’ were patterned geometric designs. I originally considered doing a comic layout with black and white stick font characters, but while I was contemplating my design ideas, someone else submitted a comic to the challenge. I decided to browse my file of e-learning inspiration to see if there was something there that might inspire me.

This is the result of my inspirations. I’m not happy with the title screen, but couldn’t seem to come up with something that I liked but I’m happy with the rest of the results.

View the Interaction



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