ELH#121 ESL Memory Game

This week's E-Learning Heroes Challenge #121 encouraged community members to use one of the memory game templates shared by other Articulate Heroes and re-purpose it with a new theme.

Given the number of Syrian refuges that have recently been immigrating to Canada, I decided to develop a short ESL learning interaction on contractions.

I created a title slide, and then I customized the matching screen with a new background and new cards. To change the cards, I customized the states on the matching card interaction to remove the jungle cats and add contractions and their match. I decided to go with a chalkboard theme and located a chalk font to use for my title. I also added a more traditional matching activity to challenge learners to use the contractions correctly in a sentence.

Test Your Knowledge of Contractions

Test your knowledge of contractions, and check out this memory game.

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