ELH#165 – Custom E-Learning Graphics Using Free Font Icons

I haven’t taken part in any of the E-Learning Heroes Challenges in a while, and decided that it was time to find one to do again. This is the challenge from last week, but it intrigued me. I just finished a course for a client where I created a branching menu with custom icons, and really struggled to find the images that I needed for my icons with similar look and feel. Using a free font to create the images would have helped me to solve my problem more easily.

I found several fonts that I liked, and tried recolouring a few. You can see the fonts that I found as well as the icons that I experimented with here in my PowerPoint file.

Once I found fonts and images that I liked, I then decided to try to put them together in a scene using Storyline. This particular scene incorporates animations, and all of the images are from font icons.

The one challenge that I had was that I ended up adding my swing to layers, and using a combination of triggers and very short timelines to create the swinging motion of my swing. I would have liked to have been able to use a motion path animation, but when I did this, the swing ropes came away from the tree so that appeared that the tree was hanging from air.  I could make the movement of the swing a bit smoother by adding more frames in the layers. The bird uses an entrance animation with a free-form motion path.

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View the Interaction

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