ELH#169 – Scrolling Panels in E-Learning and Calorie Counting

For this week’s E-Learning Heroes Challenge, the goal was to look at how scrolling panels can be used in e-learning. I have frequently used scrolling panels when I wanted to make more text fit onto a screen, particularly when I have an English course that has been translated into French. (French text typically takes up about 25% more space on the page.)

There was really neat video tip shared that I am sure I will use in the future to position create animated labels.  While looking at the video, I came across another video on scrolling photo strips. This inspired me to try to do a drag and drop interaction with the drag items in a scrolling panel.

I have used horizontal photo strips before in interactions,  but haven’t used a scrolling panel to accomplish it. I will probably try to reproduce my Image Slider using a scrolling panel, as I think that it will result in a cleaner product.

For now, check out my breakfast food calorie counting interaction. Please leave your comments and suggestions for improvement below.

View the Interaction

3 thoughts on “ELH#169 – Scrolling Panels in E-Learning and Calorie Counting”

  1. Can you explain in detail how you assured that the drag and drop interaction works within the scrolling panel?

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