Blended Learning – Retail Sales Training for Youth

I recently completed a short term contract for Bluedrop Performance Learning where I worked with a team of instructional designers to develop an 80 hour retail sales training program for youth in Jordan. I was responsible for the development of the fourth module (of five modules) which focused on sales objections, unsatisfied customers, and proper closing techniques.

It consisted of:

1. Two e-learning modules which were built in Storyline. These modules included interactive activities, practice activities and a scenario based quiz to allow learners to apply their knowledge.

  • Types of Objections and Unsatisfied Customers – This online module categorizes the different types of objections that occur in a retail environment, and the types of unsatisfied customers. Tips for handling each type are provided, including Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Overcoming Objections – A practical, scenario based module that helps learners apply the knowledge the learned in the previous online module on how to overcome sales objections.

2.  Online Self-Study on Overcoming Sales Objections

  • Learners are given a description of a retail environment and asked to identify objections that is likely for that store/environment. They are then asked to identify appropriate responses for each objection.

3.  Classroom sessions including lectures, discussions and role play activities

Instructor Led Materials


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