ELH #123 Course Starter Templates for E-Learning

This weeks E-Learning Heroes Challenge encouraged me to develop a Course Starter Template. Course Starter Templates are multi-slide templates that provide the most common e-learning content and interaction slides. They do not provide a template for every possible interaction but they establish a look and a feel for the course and provide guidance from which you can develop other slides.

My template is a nature themed template based on a photo that I took last summer at Fundy National Park. All of the colours are taken from the original photo using the eyedropper tool. In addition to standard template slides: title slide, course summary, learning objectives, content slides, tabbed interaction, and an image click and reveal. I also added a couple of different interactions, including a pyramid interaction, and an interactive pie graph. Ive utilized a couple of different backgrounds, a standard green background as well as an image background.

Download a Copy

Download a copy of this Storyline Template to modify and use in your own projects.

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