ELH#71 Teaching Math Concepts (Making Change)

The E-Learning Heroes Challenge #71 challenges us to create an interaction to teach math concepts. Being a math teacher as well as an instructional designer, this challenge has appealed to me. I decided that updating and modifying my initial challenge from ELH #116 was the perfect way to complete this challenge. When I asked for feedback from the e-Learning Heroes community in ELH#116, some people suggested that I change the questions to allow for drag and drop with actual coins instead of typing the answer in a numeric text entry box.

This version challenged me in that it definitely uses more variables than I've ever used in a single course before, but it also forced me to use more logic in building the drag and drop so that it would allow for multiple variations of the answer.

Test Your Change Making Skills

Test your changeĀ  making skills and view the interaction.

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